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 FIRST! Litterally! The game store released it early!

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PostSubject: FIRST! Litterally! The game store released it early!   Tue Nov 08 2011, 06:25

Indeed, I got my game already! YAY! Can't play it though... I got the PC-version, So I need to wait for steam to activate it. (Friday.)

You all Gelatinous?


The map Is the stuff expensive maps are made of, It's really good quality, So no need to worry about that.
The cover looks great, It has a bit of an.. Intentional damage, Like at the Oblivion cover. Not full black like in the screenshots.
A quick view at the manual reveals this:
*The controlls have changed. E = Activate, Whilst Space = Jump... I think I'm gonna change that back. Or was it always like this? IDK... But these are my settings all the time, So I guess. lol
*The quest-hints are Fallout-ish. Not like Morrowind, but they give decent Information to play without map-markers.

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FIRST! Litterally! The game store released it early!
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